Huperzia Serrata Extract

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1.Product name: Huperzia Serrata Extract

2.Specification: 1%-99%Huperzine A3.

3.Appearance:White powder

4. Part used: Whole herb

5. Grade: Food grade

6. Latin name: Huperzia Serrata

7. Packing Detail:25kg/drum, 1kg/bag(25kg net weight,28kg gross weight; Packed in a cardboard-drum with two plastic-bags inside; Drum Size: 510mm high, 350mm diameter)(1kg/Bag net weight, 1.2kg gross weight, packed in an aluminum foil bag; Outer: paper carton; Inner: double-layer

8.MOQ: 1kg/25kg

9.Lead time: To be negotiatiated

10.Support ability: 5000kg per month


Huperzine A has been proven superior to drugs licensed for the treatment of Alzheimer’s, including the leading anticholine sterase drugs physostigmine and tacrine. Huperzine A improved learning and memory in mice better than tacrine. Unlike physostigmine and tacrine, Huperzine A acts specifically on AchE in the brain rather than AchE found elsewhere in the body i.e., far less is wasted on irrelevant effects. Unlike physostigmine and tacrine, Huperzine A does not appear to bind to receptors in the central nervous system, which can cause adverse side effects. Its effects last 10 to 12 times longer than physostigmine and tacrine (up to 8 hours).

Main Function

1. Huperzine A is a kind of reversible inhibitor of acetylcholinesterase, it can improve learning and memory efficiency;

2.For the treatment of myasthenia gravis, the effective rate up to 99%,and have a certain effect on age-relatedamnesia and senile dementia.

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