Strawberry Juice Powder

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Product Detail

1. Product name:Strawberry juice powder

2. Appearance:Pink powder

3. Part used:Fruit

4. Grade: Food grade

5. Latin name:Fragaria ananassa Duch.

6. Packing Detail:25kg/drum, 1kg/bag

(25kg net weight,28kg gross weight; Packed in a cardboard-drum with two plastic-bags inside; Drum Size: 510mm high, 350mm diameter)

(1kg/Bag net weight, 1.2kg gross weight, packed in an aluminum foil bag; Outer: paper carton; Inner: double-layer)

7. MOQ: 1kg/25kg

8. Lead time: To be negotiatiated

9. Support ability: 5000kg per month.


Strawberry is a red Fruit,Heart-shaped,appearance of strawberry is delicious red tender, juicy flesh, contains special rich fruit aroma. Strawberry has high nutritional value,contains rich vitamin C,have help digestive effect,at the same time,strawberrycan also consolidate the gums, pure and fresh and tone,moist throat.Eatstrawberrycan restrain liver fire.In addition,the strawberry in best after mealsto eat, becauseit contains a lot of pectin and cellulose, can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis,help digestion, improve constipation,hemorrhoids and colon cancer.

Main Function

1. Reduce Cholesterol

Consumption of the skin is optimally selected. Kiwifruit contains fiber, one-third is pectin, especially skin and flesh contact section. Pectin can reduce blood cholesterol levels, prevent cardiovascular disease.

2. promote digestion

Dietary fiber it contains not only lower cholesterol, but may help digestion and prevent constipation, remove the body of harmful metabolites.

3. low fat

Inhibit the deposition of cholesterol in the inner wall of the artery, thereby prevent atherosclerosis, may improve cardiac function, prevention of heart disease.

4. Anti-cancer tumor suppression

Eat barbecue food can increase the incidence of cancer, because you'll feel after the barbecue food nitration reaction in the body, to produce carcinogens. The Kiwi is rich in vitamin C as an antioxidant, can effectively suppress this nitrification, prevent cancer.

5. enhance physical fitness

stawberry powder is also a tonic of the goods, which can significantly improve the nutrients the body active, promote metabolism, body coordination function, blocking carcinogens, enhance physical fitness, anti-aging.

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